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who do you see fit for the characters of TF2 as HM characters and vice versa

right now i only see scout or soldier as jacket, sniper as biker, spy/medic as the son???? then of course heavy is mark, im mostly basing them on physique and weapon choice
who do you see fit for the characters of TF2 as HM characters and vice versa

right now i only see scout or soldier as jacket, sniper as biker, spy/medic as the son???? then of course heavy is mark, im mostly basing them on physique and weapon choice
when i was 5th grade i dream of a having one of those drawing tabs with screens but after getting my first tablet (which was a genius tab) in my 1st year in college then getting a bamboo tab 2 years later, i dont seem to crave for those cintiq tabs anymore, i mean, you draw on the screen and your hand and arm is on the way of what you're drawing?????

well i guess i'll be able to draw more precisely but im already used to my pen and touch so why should i want more?

unless theres some spooky magical effect cintiqs are blessed with and makes the owners hella pro

but then again, skill depends on the person, not the tool

so why should i get hyped about it?

ps. the reason why i brought this up because today, one of the professors of the higher classmen has her cintiq with her and we came in the room because we were to occupy it next, and a bunch of our boys gathered around in awe at the prof's table as they drool in the sight of the cintiq tab while i just sat on my seat not having even a pinch of excitement nor envy nor craving over it
I mostly get this impression if I draw anthros or animal oc characters either for fun or for commissions and I just "No, I'm not" 

Am I not allowed to not be a furry if I draw em

I like some furry characters/concepts and what their owners do to them (except the sexy/smutty part, same goes with ponies), right now what I just know is that what I feel towards the word "furry" is the same with what i feel towards the word "brony", I like mlp characters, the show and anthros but the label associated with them leaves a not so good impression

like what draws the line that makes someone a furry?
what are the differences?

I keep getting comments on my borderlands reskins that say its more of TWD than borderlands
it grinds my gears whenever i make a post about how happy i am for achieving a thing ive been wanting to achieve in tf2, some people would congratulate and be happy with me yet some comes to ruin the party and brag about how better they are at the game

like yeah im aware a lot of people are better than me at gaming but they had to measure dicks on my posts, how encouraging

Me: *posts something about reaching a certain number of subs/followers*

Other people: Nice! Congrats!

Me: *posts something about reaching a certain number of hours/kills in a game*

Other people: Nice! Congrats!


as much as i want to shrug this bullshit off my mind, i cant, but hopefully some day i will get over these kind of players just like how i got over that few who doesnt like my works or the people that say bad things for trolling purposes and i should just shrug them off cuz they aint worth my time

or at least give me a reason why i shouldnt be angry

im tempted to think that they brag cuz that's the only thing they can be proud of

I know this is just a game and I should just chill but games are for fun, I want to try and enjoy the game without someone humiliating me

let me be happy with my little achievements and let me contemplate on my mistakes without the help of other's verbal humiliation thank you

or if people still keep at it, im just gonna indirectly slam-dunk them with my content creations capabilities
they are so beautiful

i'll trade off one of my art related skills in exchange for decent spy skills

i havent had a single backstab in years

nor a headshot using sniper

soldier and scout is what i main these days unlike 2 years ago i could freely change to any class without worrying that i would fail nor not being able to help the team
im thinking about opening up for reskin and modelling commissions that involves mostly for tf2/sfm uses

altho if I would rate my knowledge of how to work with the source engine it would prolly fall around 5-7 out of 10 which means I can only do simple stuff like props, weapons, cosmetics and non-animated textures, etc
send screenshots or report back if theres something wrong with it. Thanks in advance

Demobot Axe Hhhh
Demobot Axe Claymore…

this gave me an idea for an Abandoned Fortress teaser 

maybe not actually an in game map but just for sfm
...within our class...metaphorically and a bit literally because people notice it

tho people would mostly see between less than a handful of people, including me, who are in this competition

This competition are between the highly skilled in the class.

People see it as a bad thing while I.... did not see it at all nor see it as a good thing before it was pointed out to me so now I see it as a bad thing too because I feel the heat of it, I get challenge by it but I don't want to participate either... so I asked my friend:

Me: What can I do to make it not look like a competition?
Friend: Nothing, it's not your fault in the first place, you were just posting your works but then they came along

so I just stood there and simply agreed but I still don't like what's happening, its one of the bad things our class/section has that other classes and higher/lower class sees from us... we are not united
not entirely like I will still accept commissions but I won't be able to do them til the end of the semester which is at the end of March
even $10 for a sketch isnt enough

tho I've seen people price their works higher than mine yet the quality is not as good as mine

I feel like I'm not qualified yet to price anything above a hundred dollars for an artwork (e.g. painting)

yet sometimes while I'm working on a commission and feeling how much work I put into it, I feel like I should've priced higher
oh yeah I could've just googled this but heck my internet's being a little shit every now and then

anyway, someone wants me in TF2C and with some quick search its a modding group? tho can't really say what they are modding about

should I even join? 
i dont mean like no textures, or just the bones showing when put into the scene

what I mean is the model itself isn't even showing up in the directories when you search for it in sfm, even when put into usermod or tf or whatever directory you add to gameinfo.txt

I haven't gotten this problem but other people seem to have this with my model/s

could it be my model?

could it be their sfm?


quoting from the person I was helping with this problem: 

"so i found out the reason behind it, and it had nothing to do with the model ^_^" Apprently I made another route that instead of goign to common/sourcefilmmaker i have to go to common/GAME. That would also explain why all my DLC just stop showing up as well..."
im not so fond of greeting people happy birthday

im not sure why

maybe because theres already enough people who greeted them

maybe because i dont give much importance to it since its just a day to remind you that you are a year older

maybe because some birthdays arent celebrated as much the others
so since the days after my birthday, I decided I wanted to have a crush on one of my classmates and I did, and til now.... but I don't feel so excited when he's around, or I don't go all blushus when he talks to me or sits beside me or whatever, I'm mostly like "meh" or neutral, I don't get nervous but sometimes I'm aware I may have acted a bit differently when I'm in his presence....

I'm just glad he's around, that's it.

I don't look at him when he's not looking, I don't go through his facebook profile looking at his pictures, I don't talk about him very much and I try not to think much about any interactions we had.

There was a point where I couldn't stop thinking about him to the point that I had to google some help about how not to think about someone.

So after some searching there was this question "Why are you thinking about them?" and pondered on that question during the day and got to this conclusion that I just like him for his looks, I have all the reasons to not like him I mean he doesn't even fit half the standards of my ideal guy.

Maybe if he was fictional character, I'll draw him all the time, but for now, I've only drawn him like thrice and posted it here and not posting much on facebook or deviantart because he or some of my classmates might see it and will find it creepy. 

Its only been recently that the thought of him keeps flooding my mind. I've worked with him like 90% of the time in our recent short film but I wasn't feeling anything. I just know that I like him.

uuugghhh, this is why I hate crushes, its distracting :iconotlplz:

and yeah, there's prolly more than a handful of my classmates who already knows about who my crush is but I've already explained to them what got into me that I decided to have a crush on him and how I don't want anyone to start teasing me, and also told them that I don't have any plans of being close or even friends with him though now I'm tempted to do so but im conflicted and its conflicting by what i stand for

edit: and also, about his looks, the reason why I like it a lot is because he has distinct features that are fun to cartoonize