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finished product:

I need some constructive crit on my work and working process in sfm

basically when I animate I do pose to pose in the motion editor using biped rigs, in this gif, I started out with 8 frames for the key poses, then later making keyframes in the graph editor, enter spline mode then spread out the keyframes into what I think looks okay, and ending up to more than 20 frames in final

I’ve chatted with friends and there would be occasions that I would say "I’m good with <insert a thing to do here>", I didn’t mean to be literally good at doing that thing but what I meant was "I’m okay" or "I’m okay with doing the thing" or "sure thing, I’ll do it" or "It’s fine for me to do this thing" or "I have no problem nor complaint nor am I against in doing the said thing" 

another example:

  • "I’m good with MVM" = "I’m so down for MVM"
even throughout the years, I just keep telling myself I'm never good enough and I have to practice more.

I love to learn things I want to learn, try new things, do challenges, pushing further and see how far I can go.

A lot of people may say how good I am, but to myself, I will never be good enough.



any recommendations?

preferably free, since I don't do livestreams, I just record my screen as I work then time lapse it and put it up on youtubes.

edit: a screencapping software that can record in sfm

I tried OBS in sfm but its just a plain screen without the viewports and timeline and element viewer, etc
having 6 projects and 3 homeworks that needs to be done this week makes us want to complain about the workload but we feel like we have no right to complain because having the hunch that our professors will just tell us that having a job after we graduate will be worse and more stressful and basically college is just making us experience the hardships to come for preparation

either way if im going freelance in the future, i dont think I'll take 6 projects simultaneously, we have to submit 2 tv ads, an led ad and 1 interactive brochure thing for our marketing class, a storybook for our literature class, sprite concepts for our graphic design class, foot studies for our drawing for animation class, movie review for our sociology, then do some survey testing for our communication arts, all must be done by within this week
How do you define Skill and Talent?

according to google, skill is the ability to do something well while talent is a natural aptitude or skill.

Do you think what you can do now is a skill? or a talent?

Do you prefer to be skillful or talented?
most of yous just started classes tho I'm at my semi-finals term at uni, cramped up with 6 projects I have to finish by next week topped with commissions I have to finish this week

I'm gonna be pretty busy yet I still don't feel stressed nor panicky about 6 PROJECTS I HAVE TO FINISH BY NEXT WEEK, maybe not now, maybe I'll feel regretful about going to school by next week, by that time, every project will be clashing all over me and I'll be so confused and unorganized, chugging down tea, choking back tears, having no clue what to do now that the deadlines are coming.

and I still havent paid for my midterm exams because I have to work on commissions to pay for it and its already semi-finals.

with the comments I'm getting I'm just

around 60 old deviations/artworks of mine in storage

and now my deviation count went back under 2k :(
as soon as I post anything MLP related, people will automatically think I'm a brony/pegasis even though I don't prefer associating myself in the said names

I must come up with a more appropriate name to face to my future clients, specially for ones that doesn't know me by my pseudonym "Py-Bun"

I've been reading some articles about choosing between naming your business as your own name or a business name, and this was the best one…

I couldn't think of something else other than RAGR Art since my official logo is made up of my initials, and it also has the touch of both worlds of own-name and business-name element, or maybe "Arts and Design" or "Art and Animation", idk, maybe I'll just stick to "Art"???

I dont know, man

I don't know

or maybe Py-Bun Art

its not worth paying taxes in the Philippines

update: ITS HERE


something does not belong 
some school related stuff

I’m gonna do an SFM remake of a Flash animation remake of a comic strip

Since hurricane Glenda went through our town, we didn't have electricity for 4 days, and no internet til now, I'm just at the internet cafe at the moment, we are fine, our house is fine, the trees are not and also, I accidentally machete'd my "lucky" toe while trying to trim down the fallen branches and trunks on our yard after the Typhoon, I was like "SEE! RED!......No wait that's blood." but really, I'm fine, my cut has been recovering nicely in the past week.

No internet, no distraction...or at least less distraction because I have games.
last time I played the game was in January 2014, so I decided to play it today in a bot match, I can't move, it's not lag nor connection, I can click on items, buy items but nothing adds up to my inventory nor my gold being diminished and stuff, I can right click on the ground, but nothing is moving, even the bots aren't moving, even after the timer was up, I couldn't play the game. 

What is happening???
just randomly got curious at this workshop item in Gmod tho I don't play it that much but this is amazing