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I just drop everything and start working on it, my mind doesn't linger or worry about other personal and non-personal projects I have to do, specially if the cost of effort and time on the vid isn't long enough that it would last more than a month, my mind just sweeps my other plans under the rug and go

my brain doesn't give a shit if I have to finish the next Badlands reskin or work on commissions or revise an old workshop item and many other things. im not sure why but sfm vids are like 2nd to the most effort and time consuming things i can do next to flash animations (3rd would be workshop items)

it is a mystery like why would it do that, it feels like an improperly placed determination that i still have to discover and put it to other important use
from bronies and brony haters

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sometimes I'm tempted to respond with sarcasm to bad feedback but then i thought...

"nah, they don't deserve my attention"

can't seem to find my recent workshop item in the workshop pages, even in the most recent and in the pyro and weapon tag, nothing.

I'm 100% sure its visibility is public.

this is weird

or is it just me who can't see it

im worried

what is happening 

update: it was the banking information that i had to complete, and the reason why i couldnt complete it is because my internet was too shitty at the times i tried to resubmit my banking info so i tried it again just now and its now complete and i can now see my shit in the workshop pages yay
if you submit a wokrshop item and before you accept the revenue you have to enter some payment info like your bank account and taxing information. This is my first time with this, I've filled up the form for the bank account information but even tho its complete, it still turns out it isn't and gives me errors, that's probably because the account number im entering aint international or not an IBAN. As for the taxing information, I still have to get myself an ITIN from our Bureau of Internal Revenue which I will try tomorrow. 

 Wish me luck on my adultly quests. :iconpapcryplz:

the model's changed since the last screenshot, made the handle bigger, added normal maps, did some edge splitting for the unwanted round edges
if someone does make a horror genre entry, where does it fall? Drama? Action? Best Short?

most likely drama I guess

but what if valve adds the horror category
get it here

read the description too^

Guarding by Py-Bun
Wingtest2 by Py-Bun
of the wing model 

download here

installation: just drag the materials and models folder into tf or usermod folder in sfm

i just want anyone to check if there are errors when it comes to putting the model in your sfm scene, comment as soon as you can

before I release the model in sfmlab


this thing  Wingtest2 by Py-Bun Guarding by Py-Bun

yes, I will release it, hopefully soon but I'm thinking of not putting it in the sfm workshop because of reasons that goes along the lines of "it doesnt belong there" unless you can convince me to change my mind, otherwise, I'll just have the download links from different mirrors like, gamebanana and dropbox

other than that, if I do put it up on the workshop, naming was always my struggle, do i just call "glowy wing" because that's basically the mdl name of the wing
I get different kind of comments

some of them are sarcastic and offensive, a joke or not

but if it comes from someone I know, specially a friend

i feel more offended somehow compared to when people idk give me comments like that

kinda ironic, I mean, they're my friend and i know they are joking but it just feels worse

maybe because its out of no where and im not used to it

usually when i get comments on my works by strangers saying "i dont like it", "its ugly" or just plain bad feedback or making my work look stupid, I just shrug it off

but if its from a friend...

tho its better if I just shrug it off same as the other bad feedbacks I get (bad and negative feedbacks have differences)
*doesn't want to join a certain dA group even though its been a long time that I'm making things related to what the group is for

*recently finds out that there's a bad vibe in that group
only just yesterday I thought my struggle is over because I just finished one of the biggest project for our marketing class this semi-finals. And today, since classes are suspended and done with the project, I slacked off for the whole day, but my dad started to get angry again, I can hear him from downstairs complaining about how we're irresponsible for not watering his vegetable crops (tho its been raining everyday) and how we neglect cleaning the yard (our yard's pretty big and can't be cleaned by one person in one day) and he's mostly rubbing it on my mom. My sister seems unaffected about the scolding because she think its just one of my dad's moments, I did think the same as my sister when she told me about what she thought.

My mom approached me just some hours ago complaining that my dad is still angry after he left and asking me how are gonna solve this property maintenance problem that has been going on for years since we moved to our current home.

I don't want to point fingers at who's fault is what but seems unavoidable to think about it, its usually my dad who makes a problem worse, he points it out because no one else in this family sees its a big problem, my mom is second at pointing out problems too and we, their creations or children, are doing nothing about it. Well at least that's what they see from us, but don't they have any consideration? My brother's working and only comes home at weekend, my sister just hangs around the house because she's unemployed and just uses my laptop all day or hang out somewhere else, and me, I'm studying and I mostly wake up at 9am, go to uni at around lunch time then get home by dinner time. Can my parents not see how we're not able to do the maintaining of our lawn (at least my sister can do it but even she's too lazy to do it alone, specially if no one telling her to) and now my dad left to take care of his mom and will only come back by weekend with anger still unsettled, with my mom left arguing with him in text messaging, and me getting anxious.

I don't think I'll be able to get through a day of this week without thinking about this problem heating up again and my mom being anxious, and lastly my dad feeling angry everyday.


I want to cry, I want to talk to someone and cry, physically give me a hug.

I've sticked to my word not to think about how bad the situation is and just think about how to make things work out, but I was only able to do it with problems at uni and I can't think clearly because my mind gets flooded of the thought of my mom being stressed because of my dad's temper and its gonna affect her work.

This a one week nightmare for me.

and right now we haven't eaten dinner yet because my mom is too busy arguing with my dad and even if i try to prepare my own food I won't be able to eat it because I'm too anxious.

finished product:

I need some constructive crit on my work and working process in sfm

basically when I animate I do pose to pose in the motion editor using biped rigs, in this gif, I started out with 8 frames for the key poses, then later making keyframes in the graph editor, enter spline mode then spread out the keyframes into what I think looks okay, and ending up to more than 20 frames in final

I’ve chatted with friends and there would be occasions that I would say "I’m good with <insert a thing to do here>", I didn’t mean to be literally good at doing that thing but what I meant was "I’m okay" or "I’m okay with doing the thing" or "sure thing, I’ll do it" or "It’s fine for me to do this thing" or "I have no problem nor complaint nor am I against in doing the said thing" 

another example:

  • "I’m good with MVM" = "I’m so down for MVM"
even throughout the years, I just keep telling myself I'm never good enough and I have to practice more.

I love to learn things I want to learn, try new things, do challenges, pushing further and see how far I can go.

A lot of people may say how good I am, but to myself, I will never be good enough.



any recommendations?

preferably free, since I don't do livestreams, I just record my screen as I work then time lapse it and put it up on youtubes.

edit: a screencapping software that can record in sfm

I tried OBS in sfm but its just a plain screen without the viewports and timeline and element viewer, etc
having 6 projects and 3 homeworks that needs to be done this week makes us want to complain about the workload but we feel like we have no right to complain because having the hunch that our professors will just tell us that having a job after we graduate will be worse and more stressful and basically college is just making us experience the hardships to come for preparation

either way if im going freelance in the future, i dont think I'll take 6 projects simultaneously, we have to submit 2 tv ads, an led ad and 1 interactive brochure thing for our marketing class, a storybook for our literature class, sprite concepts for our graphic design class, foot studies for our drawing for animation class, movie review for our sociology, then do some survey testing for our communication arts, all must be done by within this week