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around 60 old deviations/artworks of mine in storage

and now my deviation count went back under 2k :(
as soon as I post anything MLP related, people will automatically think I'm a brony/pegasis even though I don't prefer associating myself in the said names

I must come up with a more appropriate name to face to my future clients, specially for ones that doesn't know me by my pseudonym "Py-Bun"

I've been reading some articles about choosing between naming your business as your own name or a business name, and this was the best one…

I couldn't think of something else other than RAGR Art since my official logo is made up of my initials, and it also has the touch of both worlds of own-name and business-name element, or maybe "Arts and Design" or "Art and Animation", idk, maybe I'll just stick to "Art"???

I dont know, man

I don't know

or maybe Py-Bun Art

its not worth paying taxes in the Philippines

update: ITS HERE


something does not belong 
some school related stuff

I’m gonna do an SFM remake of a Flash animation remake of a comic strip

Since hurricane Glenda went through our town, we didn't have electricity for 4 days, and no internet til now, I'm just at the internet cafe at the moment, we are fine, our house is fine, the trees are not and also, I accidentally machete'd my "lucky" toe while trying to trim down the fallen branches and trunks on our yard after the Typhoon, I was like "SEE! RED!......No wait that's blood." but really, I'm fine, my cut has been recovering nicely in the past week.

No internet, no distraction...or at least less distraction because I have games.
last time I played the game was in January 2014, so I decided to play it today in a bot match, I can't move, it's not lag nor connection, I can click on items, buy items but nothing adds up to my inventory nor my gold being diminished and stuff, I can right click on the ground, but nothing is moving, even the bots aren't moving, even after the timer was up, I couldn't play the game. 

What is happening???
just randomly got curious at this workshop item in Gmod tho I don't play it that much but this is amazing

I would see people say things to me or to what I do that would make me want to say "I came out to have a good time and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now"

ps. for those who doesn't know much about that quote, it's actually a meme
its just my feel i guess, tagalog kinda has a more harsher, rougher tone in pronunciations and diction of the tagalog words compared to my other spoken language, which is english

I feel like I've expressed my feeling much more deeper and sincere when its tagalog, its like having a "real talk" (when we say real talk between friends, it means you have to admit, confess or open something up that needs to, no hiding) with someone who also understands the language, but of course its because I'm more comfortable with it and I don't have that much effort in thinking of what to say next compared to english

but its better if I'm talking about it personally with someone, they could at least see my body language, facial expressions and hear the tone of my voice

and whenever I make tagalog posts, I translate it in google and just...

pag may narinig o nakita kang di ka nais nais, to be more specific, magpopost ka ng gawa mong pinaghirapan at proud na proud ka, tas biglang may magsasabing ang sama

tas biglang parang babagsak sikmura mo after mabasa o marinig yun

but then you try to compensate of that horrible feeling

iisipin mo lang, "isang tao lang naman un"/"di naman sangkatutak na tao nag sabi eh" and it kinda relieves that horrible feeling

its a common thing at mahirap iwasan so try hard n lang akong mkasurvive sa ganung environment or isipin na may mga taong ganyan talaga, wala rin naman akong mapapala kung aawayin ko

ang kaya ko lang gawin ay mag isip ng mga bagay to make me feel better even though ung "sting" nandun pa


pero di mo ring maiiwasang isipin na tama ung sinabi nila


ps. tuwing magpopost ako ng tagalog, tinatry kong isalin sa english tas tatawanan ko
I'm offended about some things but I'd rather not talk about it with the person who offended me because I don't want to get through the trouble of explaining it to them and risking ending up in an argument nor make the person feel bad

I'm not just used to explaining things that offends me, idk maybe of the family/society/culture I grew up in, It's rare to see  
I've never seen someone (irl) confront someone else about their attitude and problematic behavior, usually it would happen in movies, I would confront some people but only in a subtle, quick or jokingly way, I go all "mataray" towards people when I need to
sometimes I would type a long rant or vent and then when I'm done, I end up not publishing anyway because who cares

this journal, there was supposed to be a rant here but why should I even bother

if I really don't want to let the thing bother me so why bother venting about it
I'ma work on commissions because class projects hasn't gotten tight as I expected, as for now, so I pretty much have some extra time on my hands

edit: tho I'll still have my commission info closed

they are posting unsourced works

I was informed by :iconemzietowers: about this