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ever encounter this in SAI?

glitch art made with paint tool sai

This usually happens after you save something that takes a while to save (large .sai files), don't freak out and don't think all hope is lost that you have to start over your artwork

1. Just make a new layer on top of all the layers
2. fill it in with any color or draw over a bunch of scribbles or lines wherever the corrupted areas are
3. then hide that layer

in my case above, i had a multiply layer over the whole artwork when i saved this, so i just hide then unhide that layer to "shake off" the glitch

who knows, you might find this corruption effect one day
which song in hotline miami 2 do you think would fit the game's style in terms of aesthetic and gameplay (or separately)?
idk but ive noticed like every year i spend in my current university, my motivation and hopes of becoming whatever kind of artist i wanna be keeps draining, im not saying im being discouraged by anyone directly, its just that before i enrolled (which was 2 yrs ago), i already feel like im not ready for a job and my skills aint good enough so i thought maybe if i learn some more i'll be good enough but seeing at what im at right now, i feel more and more less compatible for any job that i feel like applying for in the near future. Like when I see another student is better than me at something, i just shrug and accept whatever awaits for me which is me not being hired because that other student is better than me.

Like in our Speech class, I've noticed that in our first speaking activity, I was confident and having fun compared to the recent speaking activity, I started to get nervous and I'm afraid it'll get worse and instead of improving, its the other way around and I'll fuck things up when speaking personally to clients or when proposing an idea when im in the industry and so i just accept that i will not be that person who speaks for the team even though i want to because that's what i am before.

I feel like I have nothing to show in real life like yeah i have a shitton of stuff in the internet but i dont think its enough proof of my skills and then i start thinking of getting involved in irl things like contests or whatever but then i think that my online stuff is enough to back me up. Then I think about getting involved in the modding community but looking back at the past years, it hasnt really done me much, modding for me is just another hobby, not something i could brag to my parents because im earning through making virtual hats and weapons. I just keep thinking that I make workshop items for fun and to make my ideas come to life to compensate for the lack of not being able to get anything in game.

Where do I see myself 10 years from now? Most likely in a job that doesnt involve art like working in a fast food chain or call center, or maybe a worker in an industrial park and people turning heads saying that I'm a wasted talent.

not sure if its just my runny nose making me feel all shitty about things but what I really need right now is some total alone time, lying on the grass and staring at the night sky thinking about how to sort out this problem.

TL;DR My enthusiasm and spirit towards my desired career is draining.
dont bug me about if i'll ever continue them

my reasons why i will not continue them are:
- i have no motivation for it
- not inspired anymore
- my standard of story quality/writing has changed and even im not a fan of my past stories/comics anymore
who do you see fit for the characters of TF2 as HM characters and vice versa

right now i only see scout or soldier as jacket, sniper as biker, spy/medic as the son???? then of course heavy is mark, im mostly basing them on physique and weapon choice
who do you see fit for the characters of TF2 as HM characters and vice versa

right now i only see scout or soldier as jacket, sniper as biker, spy/medic as the son???? then of course heavy is mark, im mostly basing them on physique and weapon choice
when i was 5th grade i dream of a having one of those drawing tabs with screens but after getting my first tablet (which was a genius tab) in my 1st year in college then getting a bamboo tab 2 years later, i dont seem to crave for those cintiq tabs anymore, i mean, you draw on the screen and your hand and arm is on the way of what you're drawing?????

well i guess i'll be able to draw more precisely but im already used to my pen and touch so why should i want more?

unless theres some spooky magical effect cintiqs are blessed with and makes the owners hella pro

but then again, skill depends on the person, not the tool

so why should i get hyped about it?

ps. the reason why i brought this up because today, one of the professors of the higher classmen has her cintiq with her and we came in the room because we were to occupy it next, and a bunch of our boys gathered around in awe at the prof's table as they drool in the sight of the cintiq tab while i just sat on my seat not having even a pinch of excitement nor envy nor craving over it
I mostly get this impression if I draw anthros or animal oc characters either for fun or for commissions and I just "No, I'm not" 

Am I not allowed to not be a furry if I draw em

I like some furry characters/concepts and what their owners do to them (except the sexy/smutty part, same goes with ponies), right now what I just know is that what I feel towards the word "furry" is the same with what i feel towards the word "brony", I like mlp characters, the show and anthros but the label associated with them leaves a not so good impression

like what draws the line that makes someone a furry?
what are the differences?

I keep getting comments on my borderlands reskins that say its more of TWD than borderlands
it grinds my gears whenever i make a post about how happy i am for achieving a thing ive been wanting to achieve in tf2, some people would congratulate and be happy with me yet some comes to ruin the party and brag about how better they are at the game

like yeah im aware a lot of people are better than me at gaming but they had to measure dicks on my posts, how encouraging

Me: *posts something about reaching a certain number of subs/followers*

Other people: Nice! Congrats!

Me: *posts something about reaching a certain number of hours/kills in a game*

Other people: Nice! Congrats!


as much as i want to shrug this bullshit off my mind, i cant, but hopefully some day i will get over these kind of players just like how i got over that few who doesnt like my works or the people that say bad things for trolling purposes and i should just shrug them off cuz they aint worth my time

or at least give me a reason why i shouldnt be angry

im tempted to think that they brag cuz that's the only thing they can be proud of

I know this is just a game and I should just chill but games are for fun, I want to try and enjoy the game without someone humiliating me

let me be happy with my little achievements and let me contemplate on my mistakes without the help of other's verbal humiliation thank you

or if people still keep at it, im just gonna indirectly slam-dunk them with my content creations capabilities
they are so beautiful

i'll trade off one of my art related skills in exchange for decent spy skills

i havent had a single backstab in years

nor a headshot using sniper

soldier and scout is what i main these days unlike 2 years ago i could freely change to any class without worrying that i would fail nor not being able to help the team
im thinking about opening up for reskin and modelling commissions that involves mostly for tf2/sfm uses

altho if I would rate my knowledge of how to work with the source engine it would prolly fall around 5-7 out of 10 which means I can only do simple stuff like props, weapons, cosmetics and non-animated textures, etc
send screenshots or report back if theres something wrong with it. Thanks in advance

Demobot Axe Hhhh
Demobot Axe Claymore…

this gave me an idea for an Abandoned Fortress teaser 

maybe not actually an in game map but just for sfm
...within our class...metaphorically and a bit literally because people notice it

tho people would mostly see between less than a handful of people, including me, who are in this competition

This competition are between the highly skilled in the class.

People see it as a bad thing while I.... did not see it at all nor see it as a good thing before it was pointed out to me so now I see it as a bad thing too because I feel the heat of it, I get challenge by it but I don't want to participate either... so I asked my friend:

Me: What can I do to make it not look like a competition?
Friend: Nothing, it's not your fault in the first place, you were just posting your works but then they came along

so I just stood there and simply agreed but I still don't like what's happening, its one of the bad things our class/section has that other classes and higher/lower class sees from us... we are not united
not entirely like I will still accept commissions but I won't be able to do them til the end of the semester which is at the end of March