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sorry I can't respond to each of them but I really appreciate each one :iconcryforeverplz:

also my siblings got me this mofo
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so yeah the short film thing is still going to proceed, i have no choice anyway, I've already made a storyboard and somewhat animatic of said film using SFM instead of just drawing them, here's my favorite part of my storyboard

I showed the class the whole storyboard and they loved it and they are impressed like "wow, a 3d storyboard, can this storyboard alone be our entry instead?"

Even tho the storyboard's complete, I still have some changes for it, but not so major, just fillers. I've planned a filming date and held a bunch of meetings regarding things to do and bring during the filming.

Automatically, since I wrote the story, I am the director and team captain which I am not in really in favor tbh, I guess some people see me as that kind of figure but its tiring, and I'm the kind of person that once there's already a game plan, the team has to stick to it, no major changes. period. But yeah I know I should be open minded and more flexible to these changes, but ugh, I'm too lazy to adjust the plan, might as well choose a different leader for this because they've made a mistake putting me in charge. OR MAYBE THEY REALLY DIDNT WANT ME TO LEAD THE GROUP and I'm just being initiatively bossy because in my experiences in the past year with my classmates, most of the projects or activities would require to push them to work, and some of these incidents had me yelling at them at some points because they'll go back to being unorganized and noisy.

I complain a lot, and the reason I'm doing this again is because, like I said, I've already made up my mind with the film and the filming, etc, and they want to add some things to it, which I'm okay with but what's giving me an "I'm so done" or "bahala na kayo" feel is because I have to adjust everything. Which leads me to just "do whatever you wanna do, if we run out of time, then its not my fault" kind of mindset.

In the past months I've practiced the mindset of not thinking about how hard to do the thing but instead, just focus on doing the thing no matter how hard, and now im breaking it. I'm doing my best to have better mindsets, and I do manage to apply them but oh how I hope I won't be able to break my combo and going back to my old sulky, succumbing, lazy, demotivated mess like I am right now.

I'm gonna try and suck it up and let it happen, or take a break because this is what all I've been working on in the past days. or both

If I didn't tell the idea for a story I have, I wouldn't have anything more to worry about at this moment...

I have this idea for a story for an sfm vid while i was having those choppy sleep at night, im not really sure what came into me that i had to suggest said story for our annual film contest at uni, maybe i wanted to see what people thought of it, and now a lot of my classmates seemed to like it, some had goosebumps after listening to my story, they voted on it as the story for our entry and now i am responsible for this, or at least my friend who really liked and wanted my story to be the entry

on top of that, I'm not even confident about my story in terms of originality, the situation of the character is cliche, I admit but how it was shown is something I'm unsure of feeling that some film already made such story and I'd be accused of stealing the idea

other than that, its more work for me, I have to direct the film and lead the team to make it, ugh

I should have kept my ideas as dark as night

and by the time its ready, I'd strike like a thunderbolt
people state that "your thing reminds me of this already existing thing"

back to the drawing board because i cant be original

what have i been doing with my life?

what have you been doing with your life???

is it bad to be that person who doesn't accept "add me on steam cuz i have cool item concepts"

i had my experiences in the past and ive decided to just keep my item making requests among my friends

SFM pics I was supposed to use, plus some non-post processed images

I’ve spent a lot of time on these pics that were supposed to be in the redesign for this project but in the end, I just ended up going back to the original and almost finished design because I was running out of time. u_u


this facebook status needs at least 51 likes by the end of the month

It's our Prelim Exam for our Interactive Media class and we have to do a website design dedicated to any song artist or band (I chose MCR) that we choose to and within the page is where we have to put up any 10 songs from chosen artist and include our ramblings feels towards each song. Our professor would focus on the amount of likes and our interactivity with people to have our post liked, he said that if we get 50+ likes on the post, we'd get a perfect score on the exam/project.

here's a preview of the website I made, the alignment looked better on a laptop
Hsrd by Py-Bun
Thanks in advance.

Merry Christmas!
this is most likely the 2nd day, I've looked up solutions like turning off and on my internet, the firewall, my pc, tried to do something with the host file but cant rewritten over, cleared my history/cache/cookies, disabled xkit, and tried to access the site on a different browser and platform (laptop and phone), I'm guessing this is just our ISP but hell this is absurd, its the only website I can't load, I can load blog pages but pictures won't load and sometimes the blog content and layout are messed up

F by Py-Bun
my friend lunarch did a Male! Zhanna voice which was a follow up on Dusty's post

actually got a bit indecisive with his hair but thankfully got settled

he has a ponytail
the making of this Pixel Punch by Py-Bun

I've been planning to make this new account since my old one has almost 1k friends and I only know like less than a hundred of them @_@

if you wanna add me, go ahead
online that involves shipping the product from that country to the Philippines?

because I havent tried it at all, and I want to know how much the shipping cost from US to the Philippines because I've been thinking of buying a thing from the Valve store

so basically
  1. how much would the shipping cost from US to Philippines with Fedex (since that's what valve said in their FAQ)?
  2. would there be any discount if I just picked it up from a nearby Fedex establishment?
or any occupation that has "Talented" up front vs ones that don't have
In currency not keys nor any in game items

How much for a pic and how much for an animated gif?

I'm seeing a majority making fun of it because of reasons like its like tf2 and because blizzard, and then there's some sjw getting involved

tbh, what excites me about it is the map maneuvering and I like to try out some of the characters, I'd be interested in playing it just to have a study on the level designs then compare it to tf2
specifically online is...

how do you respond to something that isnt a question
regarding my last post 
I'm losing motivation with doing commissionsis it because im worn out by the reason im doing them
or is it because i want to do something else
or i havent got any excitement from it
I used to finish a commission within a day or 2 but now I just seem to let it slip through more than 2 days, or even weeks

I've also been thinking cutting down my commissions in terms of medium/style

In my new commission info, I won't be including Painting, Full Composition, Inking and Character References but Sketch and Lineart will remain along with some new things like Glixel, Photomanip, and maybe just maybe, I'll also open up for Animated SFM (gifs), SFM paintovers and 3d (model + texture) commissions